Manifesto is about noticing the things around us. The things that exist in the small gap between the advertising hording and the television set. wants to get back a freedom of choice, where we decide what is visually interesting and stimulating, rather than being fed the affected images of the advertising agencies. wants to increase the significance of some of the things we take for granted. The ancient and twisted, the rusted and held together with baler twine, discarded trappings of animal husbandry and agricultural that lay strewn across our fields, for instance. is not limited to photography, we are happy to accept submissions in other media, written, drawn or whatever. Though please refrain from sending us any actual farm implements - the back cupboard is full already. reserve the right to ignore anything they feel should be ignored. [see our terms and conditions] is a not-for-profit organisation, funded jointly by Digital Therapy, and the McFugger Foundation for the Arts – just for the hell of it.

Remember: if it ain’t orange, it ain’t baler-twine

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